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The free resources below offers entrepreneurs information about how to start and grow a successful and sustainable business. If you are looking to sell or exit your business, there are ways to build value into your company to get the most out of the sale.  

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The Definitive Guide to Standard Operating Procedures

Why did you start your business? Was it because you had an idea? Were you striving to become rich? Or was it out of necessity?  While these are all common inspirations for starting a business, most people choose entrepreneurship because they want the freedom to decide what to do with their time and energy.  If freedom is your goal, SOPs are essential. 

Download this free e-book to learn how to provide your customers with a consistent experience, minimize your time spent problem-solving, ways to train new and existing employees, and more

The Owner's Metric: The One Number you need to Be Truly Free

While you can’t buy happiness, you can buy personal freedom. 

It comes from having enough wealth set aside that your work becomes a choice, not an obligation.  The fastest way to build the wealth you need to do “whatever you want whenever you want to”?  Focus on the Owner’s Metric

Download this free e-book to learn how to buy freedom, eight attributes that drive the value of your company, and more.

8 Ways to Re-Invent Yourself in a Crisis

Veterans refer to “the fog of war” to describe how difficult decision making can be when you’re on the battlefield with imperfect information. Sometimes the obvious answer in retrospect is not so apparent when you’re in the throes of a crisis which is why we wanted to share the stories of eight owners who took bold and decisive action at a time of deep economic uncertainty.

Download this free e-book to learn how to emerge from a crisis with a more durable and valuable company.

The Exit Checklist: A 5-Step Personal Action Plan

Here is a checklist on how to have a happy and lucrative exit from your business.

As an owner, you’re ready for almost anything. But recent data shows that even the most affluent and successful founders struggle with one common problem: the regret of how they handled leaving their company.

Download this free e-book to discover the five steps needed to answer the question, "Are you read to Exit?"

The 4 Degrees of Delegation

As a business owner, your instinct may be to oversee every detail of your company. While this has led to your success, fighting fires and answering mundane questions creates a bottleneck. The hallmark of a valuable company is one that can thrive without you.  How do you get there?  Master the art of delegation. 

Download this free e-book to learn what to avoid, how delegation affects your company's value, and more.

How your Greatest Strength Becomes a Debilitating Weakness

In a study of 23,158 companies, we found 40% of business owners have one thing in common. They are Rainmakers – the primary revenue driver for their company. Rainmakers are exceptional at rapidly accelerating business growth, but our data suggests they eventually hit a ceiling. Revenue stagnates and business value plateaus, forcing owners to confront the Rainmaker’s Dilemma. 

The solution? Become an Architect.  

Download this free e-book to learn about the characteristics of a Rainmaker, the one problem Rainmakers encounter, and more.


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